Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Have A Seat...

With less than three weeks to go, it's time to get down to all the nitty gritty details in our wedding planning.  One of these tricky things is the seating plans.  I've seen the abundant signs with cute poems all over pinterest and blogs where guests can seat themselves,

Rustic Wedding Seating Chart Sign Vintage Decor Morgann Hill Designs

and while I love the idea in theory, I've been to a wedding where this was the arrangement and it was like a crazy mad dash when the doors opened, and all of our friends except two made it to a table together and the other two ended up at a table with the pastor.  So for us we wanted to do a bit of planning. 

Here's the feel we're going for...

Rustic Wedding Seating Chart

We'll be using our old windows from our main floor renovation that look quite similar to these...my writing, however, not so much!

Last night I got to a little of the brainstorming suggested here...

Pinned Image

What a great idea for how to figure out your seating plan without having to erase things any time you need to make a change!


  1. I love the windows as seating guides. You could do a nice font off the printer and then trace it. I'm sure you've figured that out already :) Cant wait to see all the pictures!

    Susan Heineman

  2. I agree with you- it's stressful not having any seating guidelines at all! Sadly, most people do that around here. I was actually "weird" in having assignments!

    PS I love that you're reusing the windows from your house.

  3. Susan, great idea!! I will definitely try that out.

    Thanks Kasey! I was really happy to be able to use them for something :)