Monday, 20 August 2012

Some Extra Reading Material

Hello!  Just a quick pop in today, we're very busy and down to the crunch now - 12 days to go!!

Here's something completely un-house related, but something that's been all over Pinterest forever and I'd been itching to try...


Newspaper nails!  Have you seen these all over Pinterest?  So fun.  And super super easy.  All you need (other than regular nail polish stuff) is newspaper and alcohol!

You can find more in depth tutorials all over the internet, but if you're curious about what I did here's the basics:

1.  Paint nails and let dry completely
2.  Dip finger in alcohol for 20ish seconds
3.  Remove and immediately place newspaper strip onto nail, pressing firmly down in all directions for about 5-10 seconds (without shifting the newspaper or it will smudge), then peel it off
4.  Finish with a top coat (or else the print will just smudge off)

If you make a mistake, just rub your nail and the print will come right off and you can try again.

Fun!  A little extra reading material for the next time I'm waiting for 45 minutes in the doctor's office and forget my book.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, mine was full of little wedding projects that I'll be sharing soon. 

Have you tried these nails before?  Or do you have other fun nail techniques?

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  1. I tried this with printed Game of Thrones sigils (cuz I'm cool like that), but only a few of them really turned out good & they were the crappy houses lol. This looks much more uniform &, you know, actually great. :)