Thursday, 30 August 2012

The GodFather

And Godmother.

Last Friday Darryl and I became Godparents to my niece Lily.  It was a really nice Baptism, it was private with just my family and my brother-in-law's family.  For a while I had pondered what to gift a baby for their Baptism.  There are a lot of trinkety things in gift stores, but I didn't really want something that would just sit on a shelf. 

I had a lot of fun looking at things on etsy like this cute bracelet and this personalized silver spoon and finally decided to buy a personalized hanger (like you often see for bridal party gifts) from Dawn's Craft Store.  I have browsed etsy shops for years, but this was my first time purchasing something, and it was a really great experience.  I guess it depends on the seller, but Dawn was super easy and nice to work with and got my hanger sent out to me so quickly, so I was relieved because I'm always a little bit nervous buying things online - you just never know who you're dealing with!  Then I ended up buying several other things from etsy this summer which I will share with you next week!

Anyhoo, here's the hanger...




And then my mum got her a gold chain so I thought I would get something to go on the chain.  I wanted to get a cross, and it was tricky to buy!  I didn't want anything that looked baby-ish so that she could grow into it and we searched so many stores!  Finally we found one that we both just loved...


After the ceremony we went out for dinner at Milestones to celebrate and exchange gifts.  She was such a good girl the whole day, it was perfect.

And lily gifted us an adorable picture that I will have to add to this post next week as I've reached my uploading amount for the month...grrr!

T-2 days!!

Tonight is our wedding rehearsal - yikes!  It's all so real now!!  I'm looking forward to sharing all of the little projects I've been up to!

Are you a Godparent...any neat gift ideas you've given or received...where do you shop for them?

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