Thursday, 3 November 2011

Are You Down With Frogs?

Frog tape that is.  I had heard so much about frog tape so I decided to try it when I painted the main floor (which I'll share with you next week!).  I can't say I was overly impressed - I had several spots where it peeled my ceiling paint off!!  Unacceptable!  I don't trust myself to free hand it, so I kind of depend on tape.  I don't mind putting in the extra prep time to know that it will give me a perfect, crisp line in the end.  So when it doesn't, my blood boils just a little.

I had always heard that it is best to peel the paint off when the paint is still wet so that's what I did, and yet, still had several paint peeling incidents.  I also had a few spots where the paint bled through.  I'm willing to consider that maybe I didn't push the tape down hard enough, but peeling my paint?!  That upsets me.

Short post today.  Frustration!

What's your take on frog tape...have you used it?  Do you swear by it or find it just as good as any other tape out there?  Or do you skip taping all together and edge on your own? 


  1. It depends on what I am painting, but I don't usually use tape, I have a pretty steady hand when it comes to cutting in... BUT when I do use tape I use the blue Scotch Painters tape... works every time! I have even left it on for weeks after painting and it came off just fine, no peeling!

  2. oh wow, i haven't tried the blue tape yet, but i definitely will, thanks britt!

  3. yes the blue tape is the best. great posts Linds!