Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Kitchen Demo Wrap Up

On Friday I started to show you the demo in the kitchen and this is the last bit here...

We used to enter the main floor bathroom from the kitchen...

Here's the same view, but demoed

Although we had opened the bathroom up, we knew we were going to close it up again where the wall originally closed (in the first picture the wall that the toilet is up against would have continued to the left for a closed wall.  But they opened it up to include a shower)

So once the demo was done, we Darryl built the new partial wall up.  This would eventually be the wall that our fridge would be housed in.

That view is looking from the dining room into the kitchen.  You can kind of see that there's a bit of a bump out where the heating ducts are on the dining room side.  We had to update the heating to be more efficient - the old heating vents were only in the center of the house which is not how it's done anymore.  You can also see in that picture that there is no longer a bathroom at all at the back of the house.  Here's a hint as to where we're moving it to...

So next week we'll take a look at the kitchen being put back together, starting with some floors!  And in not too long we'll look at the bathroom as well!


  1. I'm so impressed with how much work you guys have done! Can't wait to see what you ended up with for the kitchen.

  2. Oooooh! Can't wait for the after! You guys are great, doing all that work by yourselves.

  3. Ahhhh, I can't wait to see it all coming back together! Demo is always fun, but putting things back together is always the best part ;)

  4. It's been a long time coming, even though it doesn't seem like it in blog time, so we're definitely excited to be putting it all back together!