Friday, 11 November 2011

Let the Walls Come Down!

Alright - back to demo!  Yesterday I showed you what our kitchen looked like when we first saw it and then what it looked like when we moved in

So after close to a year of living in our house, we finally took the hammers and crow bars to the kitchen for a mega face lift

We started by taking all the doors off of the cabinets and then removing the counter tops

And once the cabinets were removed, we started tackling the plaster and then the lath.  Here's me standing in the same spot as the above picture

From where my hands are and down, the walls had some crazy kind of super human wire mesh imbedded into the plaster which made it so much more dfficult to demo.  At points it was a full on tug-of-war between us and the house trying to rip those walls off. 

So we took all the easy stuff off first and then tackled the mess mesh.

Upon ripping the ceilings down we found nearly a century's worth of spider sacs.....hello heebie jeebies!!!

And yes that is some knob and tube wiring in there too.  It had been disconnected and re-wired in 2004 but obviously no one tore walls and ceilings down to pull the old stuff we did!  It's all gone now.  So are the sacs.

Remember this wall where we uncovered the original entrance (the red lines) that had been covered up?

Here's us uncovering the same entrance from the kitchen side of the wall...

hahahahah I love this picture and I'm sorry Darryl, this is the only picture I had of the entrance!  He cracks me up...let me explain, because at this point he didn't know that huge hunk of film was even on his back (hence the picture!) 

The window on the left used to be in the bathroom and they had put this window film on for privacy.  When we removed the bathroom, we peeled the film off the window and tossed it somewhere. 

Somehow it ended up on Darryl's back, neither of us could figure out how.  So I'm the meany who, before telling him, started cracking up, he's trying to figure out why I'm laughing so hard that I can't talk, I grab my camera and snap away!  It just struck me as so funny because he was going around, business as usual, tearing out walls, demoing a house, chatting with me, not knowing that this huge piece of plastic was attached to him. 

And why I love him even more...

...when I finally showed him why I was laughing, he just flew ran with it.  And yes, for the record that is a dollar store soldier's helmet he happened to come across and couldn't resist the urge to wear.  How can we not have fun working together when I am constantly entertained by this guy?

Anyhoo, back to the kitchen!

So here's the door that Superman took down, now we could see through to the living room

Look at all that dust!  We're still sweeping that stuff up over a year later.  Just when you think you've tackled it all, you catch a dust ball bunny in your peripheral vision and quietly curse under your breath. 

I'm going to leave it there for today and finish up on Monday I think.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Any fun plans or projects for you guys this weekend??


  1. Ohhhh heebie jeebies is right!!!

  2. Ewwww those spider sacs are craaaaazy! Yuck.

    We hope to demo the bathroom this weekend! We'll see since we have my brothers surprise party tomorrow and some shopping to do for the bathroom reno still.

  3. haha...Darryl is indeed the best. I wish he'd had that helmet when re-enacting Saving Private Ryan in our kitchen. :)

  4. Linds... I thought those picture were never going to see the light of day! hahaha! I totally forgot about them. That metal mesh was horrible and it made so much dust. And just think, we will have so many more spider sacs up in the attic when it goes into demo phase.

    Love D

  5. Ahhhhhhh spiders! Having a little sneak around your home renos you guys have done such a huge amount of work, but well worth it it's coming along great :)