Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Splash of (Neutral) Colour

Over the last week and a half, I've painted the entire main floor.  Woo hooooooo for paint!  The colour itself isn't overly exciting and it's pretty deceiving in the pictures, but I think it's lovely.  It's Dulux paint in Shadowbox, here's a reminder of the paint chip (it's the neutral colour)

We didn't really want the walls to be the focal point, but rather a light, soft backdrop for everything else.  Here's the walls pre-paint (I don't have any shots of just the walls, sorry!)

and now with some paint...sorry for the mess, just keepin' it real!

It's very hard to photograph paint, hey?  It's pretty accurate here though, and I'm finding that the hue changes throughout the day. 

I guess the colour would be best described as a true "greige".  In some lights and different times of day it looks more beige, and other times it's more of a grey.  But it's soft, warm, inviting which are all things we like, so we're happy with it!  I think it will look a lot more interesting once the baseboards are on and art is hung on the walls and drapes are up to break it all up a bit.

Do you love bold colour on your walls or do you prefer them to take more of a back seat?  Done any painting lately?

1 comment:

  1. First of all, the walls look gooood! Nice job!
    It always feels great once the paint goes up cause you feel like finally something is accomplished! I like the greige you chose. I'm for neutral walls generally. I find that having bold colours on the wall limits my options when I want to tweak things in my decor. And I just get tired of looking at so much colour all the time.