Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bench Reveal!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, it's been a busy couple of days that left me exhausted.  So to make up for it I'm going to show you my benches.  So ladies, here goes!  My first attempt at upholstery!

Here's a reminder of how they looked when I first bought them (you can read more about that here)

And here's how they're looking today!

If you don't mind me tooting my own horn, I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt!  Now I just need to find some piping to hide all of the cut fabric and staples you can see here...

When it came to choosing the fabric, I honestly considered each of the fabrics to be "the one" at one point or another because I love them all.  A little reminder to the 3 I had picked out...

But because these were going to be something that would be well used and sat on, I had to take practicalities into mind.  All of the fabrics are from Tonic Living, love their fabrics!  The grey fabric in the middle Stanford, Grey was a consideration for a bit because it is the darkest and I thought it would hide imperfections more than the other two (scuffs, spills and other marks).  But on the down side it was too thin and I didn't think it would hold up as well as the other two. 

The grey and yellow coral print on the bottom, Coral Splendor, Citrine, was thicker, which was good for the purpose that I'd be using it for.  But on the other hand it is fairly light in colour, so would I be worrying about staining?  Although I could always scotch guard it...

The top fabric has a lot of visual interest, lots of pretty colours in it which could serve as jumping off points for accent colours.  Another plus was that it was specified as upholstery-grade fabric and it has a soil and stain resistant finish!  So Ollie, Mango it was!

So there you go!  Next week I'll share with you how it all got done as well as the budget breakdown. Have a great weekend!

Any fun plans this weekend?  Any upholstery you plan on tackling??


  1. Sweet benches Linds! I can't wait to sit on them!

    Love Darryl

  2. They look fabulous lady, and I am a huge fan of your fabric choice! :)

    We painted the living room... and started another project in there, that I don't think B is really a huge fan of (only because it means more work, even though we have the bathroom reno coming down the pipes hahaha)...

  3. Thanks guys! I'm loving on the fabric too Kerry!

    Ooo I can't wait to see pics of the paint colour you guys went for and what mysterious project you crazis are taking on with a bathroom reno on hand!!!

  4. These turned out great - nice work! I love your fabric choice, great colours :) I painted our bedroom this weekend and started putting the room back together while Adam got our basement ready to be insulated (it involved tearing down stuccoed drywall and lots of ugly panelling).