Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Worst Day of Demo

Excuse me for sharing this post, but it was such a miserable day for me (and now that it's long past, I can laugh at the situation) that I just have to record it for memory's sake.

When we bought our house there were 3 full bathrooms - one upstairs with the clawfoot

The one on the main floor that we demoed (where we showered before demo began)

And one in the basement (that I don't think even the grubbiest of grubs would shower in)


So when we demoed the main floor and eventually had that bathroom completely removed (which was the only bathroom we had ever showered in for the first year), we figured we had two other showers to fall back on, so it was no big deal that we gutted that one.

That night, after a loonnnnng, dirty, dusty day of work, around 10pm we headed upstairs to hose down.  I should mention that the previous tenants took the shower heads with them when they moved, which was strange, but we didn't panic because we had inherited about 10 random shower heads from my parents and grandparents who were updating theirs) 

So when we got to the shower we picked out one of the many second hand shower heads to thread onto our clawfoot only to realize that NONE of the threads matched up!  The shower attachment on the clawfoot was unlike any of the more modern heads we had at home (have I mentioned just how many we had!?).  After an already stressful day, I began to weep.  Sob.  Like a baby.  Why couldn't anything go right!? 

If you've ever done a full-on demo, tearing walls and ceilings of plaster down in the thick of the August heat, you'll understand just how desperately we needed to shower. 

Long story short, Darryl ended up fashioning a for-the-night shower head with...an old kitchen sink faucet, and because the threads didn't quite match up he used some (in his words) of the "cheapest-green-vinyl-electrical-tape-ever" to hold it on.

Don't worry, the picture is PG

And yes, the faucet definitely popped off during my shower.  Which led to more tears.  That's a genuine pout right there.  Darryl was laughing at how hard I was taking the shower situation, so I started laugh-crying.

Just look at how narrow that stream of water is!!  I can't describe to you how hard it was to wash the dust out of my hair with such a small stream and next to no pressure!  oy.  I'm reliving this tragic moment all over again.

Needless to say, the next morning we headed straight to Home Depot and got the necessary attachment and were up and running that night.  Whew!

The next day my aunt dropped off some cheer-up-buttercup flowers that were absolutely gorgeous and all was well with the world again...

Ever run into a reno problem too late at night when the stores are all closed??

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  1. Hey, I found your blog thru your guest post at lifebeginsatthirty. I totally feel your pain trying to de-dustify yourself with the rigged up showers. we had a temp shower situation for a year while renovating our bathroom and i have to admit i cried more frequently than necessary due to the dust creeping into my soul (although we did have a legit shower head, the shower was in the basement with a concrete floor). The suffering made the end result more magical, and now it's kinda comical when i think about it :)