Monday, 28 November 2011

It Smells Like Christmas!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  We were busy busy!  On Saturday my sister, my aunt and I headed over to my mum's house for our 3rd Annual Christmas Baking.  Every year we rotate between which house we bake at (next year will be my year again and we'll have a much more spacious and modern kitchen to work with!) 

The first year was at my house, pre-demo:

On Saturday we cranked the carols (after finding out all of our ipods had issues and we couldn't listen to them, we put the radio on a Christmas station), set out our ingredients and got to work!  We had 5 recipes to tackle (and 4 batches of each recipe!):

1.  Sweet Maries
2.  Short Bread
3.  Sugar Cookies
4.  Ginger Sparkles
5.  Coconut Chocolate Squares

Sweet Maries

Short Bread

Sugar Cookies (my fav!)

Ginger Sparkles

Coconut Chocolate Squares

14 hours later I was home and ready for bed!  We started baking at 9:30am and went hard until 9:30pm!  Then we had to wait until 11:30pm for the last batch of squares to cool before we could pack them up.  It was a long, delicious and lovely day!

Although I didn't get around to any decorating (mainly because the living room is bursting with project materials that I'll share later this week), it feels so great to have one very yummy thing checked off my Christmas to-do list, phew!

Did you get any thing checked off your Christmas to-do list this weekend??


  1. That's hardcore baking! I am almost ready to abandon my list. So much pressure to get everything done!!!!!

  2. Ok. 4 batches of each?? you guys are serious!! And those ginger cookies look AMAZING!! I have tried to make ginger cookies twice, and each time they turn into ginger SNAPS, not chewy like I like thme. Looks like yours turned out perfectly! You should enter a recipe to the Style at Home cookie swap.

  3. I promise I am not a baker, this is the one time a year that I ever bake! 4 batches of each only because there were 4 of us there, so we all wanted one batch of each recipe. We had that problem with our ginger sparkles turning into snaps for the last two years too! If you're interested I can send you the recipe we used...

  4. I'll have to look into the Style at Home cookie swap, thanks!