Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lions 'n Tigers 'n Baby Bears, Oh My!

My sister was ahead of the game!  In my haste I had forgotten to take a picture of my bear after I bit into it, but she later told me that she had taken pics of her making them!  So, as this blog is also a way for me to record and remember important moments in my life, I wanted to include her pictures of how she made the wee cuties!

She bought the Teddy Bear moulds and chocolate from Bulk Barn.  She used 4 different colours of chocolate - dark choc, milk choc, yellow and pink).  Once the chocos were melted down (in a double boiler so that the chocos don't burn, she used a paint brush for the finer parts like painting the bows yellow.

The eyes, nose and paws were painted with the dark chocolate.  Next she filled the bear moulds about half way, put some sticks in and then snuck a bit of that beautiful pink in there!

Finally she topped the moulds up to hide the pink and then wrapped them up just like a real treat!

I love that throughout their pregnancy they've shared all the news in special, unique ways!

Tomorrow we'll be back to having a look at kitchen fun!

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